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Bishop Dr. Clay Tony Reed


The man of God, called to be a Pastor, Bishop, Dr. husband, father, brother, friend and much more for God..     

Bishop Dr. Reed is Sr. Pastor of Truth By Fire International Ministries.  Under his leadership he has help many souls to come to Christ. He has also helped to establish many ministries.


Bishop Dr. Reed served under his overseer Pastor T.L.Johnson and served the Church in many capacities  such as Deacon, Armourbearer,  Sunday School and Bible Study Teacher. The ministry he enjoyed serving most was children's ministries.


He is the Founder and  President of Boys Yo Men Mentorship Program, where boys are trained to be great men for God, for themselves, and their families.


Bishop Reed is passionate about outreach, soul winning and serving the Community. He will often say, There is no limitation to winning souls for Jesus Christ, just do it! 

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